Lon and I needed a sushi fix. It’s been a while and we’ve been so busy, including having limited time last night, so we chose Marumi Marumi for being reasonably close by. We were surprised by how full they were at 6pm but we were still able to get seats right away. Whenever possible, I try to sit at the sushi bar, but here it seems to have made no difference.

I chose a Scallop Uni appetizer which is a steal at $8. There’s roughly 5 pieces of scallop and 5 pieces of uni. They are fresh but not spectacular, but again, it’s $8. The one problem is that it’s hard to pick up together.

Uni & Scallop Appetizer

My sushi entree came with this salad. It wasn’t great, iceberg with an acidic soy sauce dressing, but I always appreciate getting a bit of salad.

Green Salad

I chose the Chef’s Special Sushi (10 pieces) which is $26 as opposed to a more generic selection for $19. I think it’s worth it to get better pieces. I gave the tuna piece to Lon ( I don’t like plain tuna). The squid with uni on top was one of the best pieces because of the squid. The texture is definitely one of the best I’ve had for Ika, with just a bit more snap. The sweet shrimp with salmon roe and the salmon nirgiri were average. The giant clam was very good because I always love the clam family. The anago is definitely unique here. They clearly make their own so it’s very tender and fresh. There was two pieces of white tuna. The chef said they were different types and one was fattier. Of course I liked the fattier one more. King Crab was a nice touch and the hamachi was regular. Overall, I was pretty satisfied with the fish but the sushi rice is almost just regular rice. Besides lacking the flavor, it doesn’t stick together so it’s hard to eat the pieces while they keep falling apart.


Lon chose to get a mix of things, starting with a Fried Shrimp and Scallop dish. The fried seafood is paired with avocados and wasabi mayo, which makes it a heavy dish, fat upon fat upon fat.
Fried Scallop & Shrimp with Wasabi Mayo

The Baked Clam dish was better, still lots of mayo but there was more balance…a touch of acid goes a long way. We’re not a fan of all this imitation crab meat though.

Baked Clam Appetizer

Lon ordered a salmon jalapeno roll which had a light smoky touch but too much rice to fish ratio. As I mentioned, their salmon is one of their weaker fish. It turns out, Lon made good a la carte choices with a piece of squid, anago eel, and giant clam. These were the better pieces I mentioned on my plate.

Selected Nigiri and Maki

The fish is satisfying at these prices ($76.05 for all including tax and tip), but the rice and cheap wasabi is what holds them back. If I need a quick lunch in the area, I’d stop in, but this place won’t remain in my memory banks for long.
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