We found L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates at the Dining by Design: Table Hop & Taste, and from then on, we’ve fallen deeper and deeper in love! You know how rarely we truly rave about products. We’re a tough pair and it’s hard to impress us, but these are damn good chocolates. So while we’re finishing up the interview with Chef Michael Klug (coming very soon), we wanted to make sure we showed you some of their incredible Mother’s Day chocolates in time for you to order, because we know you’ll appreciate this.

We got to try their two special Mother’s Day gifts, beautifully boxed and bowed.

brown ribbon Mother's Day Bee Rounds 3

Bee Rounds is an adorable package with little handmade bees with almond wings. My mom couldn’t bare to eat the last bee, she loved it so much! The flavors in this box celebrate honey and roses without over-powering the chocolate.

Mother's Day Bee Rounds

The Mother’s Day Chocolate Gateaux is just insanely good. Looking at the flavors, like Strawberry Violet and Grand Marnier Pistachio, I was a bit wary. I’m usually a chocolate purest, my favorite being around 72% dark, and find that most flavorings just distract or hide the chocolate. Lon and I (and all the lucky people we shared with)  agreed that L.A. Burdick chocolates are the best in balance. The flavors really serve to enhance and each bite just makes you want to lay down and close your eyes to some soft music.

Mother's Day Chocolate Gateaux

My favorite was the Apricot Ginger in Dark Couverture. It deserves it’s own picture…

Apricot Ginger Dark Choc

If not for Mother’s Day, try one of their Assorted Wood Boxes. It’s definitely an elegant looking gift if you can bare to give it away. (I really don’t know if I can.)

gift box IMG_3621

There was so many great flavors in there, nutty, fruity, creamy, extra dark…

IMG_3632 IMG_3622
IMG_3627 IMG_3626

oh and cute mice…

white chocolate Mouse 2

As I sat there, gorging to my delight, I decided that L.A.Burdick is my permanent chocolate company from now on. Besides being the best tasting chocolates, they’re made fresh without any preservatives, and they have great prices. It’s my favorite by far and I’m definitely joining their Connoisseur’s Club (with very tasty benefits).


Stay tuned for our interview with Chef Michael Klug.

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