package of rice crackers

When Yumiko came from Japan, she brought these amazing rice crackers. I’m already pretty addicted to the rice crackers you can buy here, but these are even better. Each individual bag (in the box of 12 bags) has a nice colorful assortment of unique flavors. Of course, with Japanese products, you have to admire the packaging as well, but leave it to them to make the most adorable snacks.

rice crackers

Since I can’t read any Japanese, I can’t be 100% sure what flavors these were meant to be but here’s what I thought they tasted like: I ate the leaf shaped one first which was seaweed flavored.


The next one, flower-shaped, was most suprising to me. It tasted like Shiso, a flavor I’ve never had in a cracker.

The fan-shaped one tasted like shrimp chips, which I had guessed because of the color.


The almost sand dollar shaped one was pretty plain, other than the taste of the two soy nuts embedded inside. Plain is not bad; I like plain rice crackers too.

soy nuts

Ok, I don’t have a name for this shape, but it tastes like soy sauce and seaweed, the pretty classic rice cracker flavor, except this one just tastes super fresh.

soy sauce and seaweed

The star was a great combination of salty and sweet, soy sauce and sugar, simple but good.

The round one was lightly salty.

salty cracker

The purple one had the slightest taro flavor and a bit of milkiness.

Taro cracker

Since I won’t be able to buy these again, I’ll have to ration carefully.
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