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Purchases from Fishs Eddy Sale

Purchases from Fishs Eddy Sale

We were walking our dog down Broadway this evening and noticed that Fishs Eddy on Broadway & 19th Fishs Eddy was having a sale. We’re not the biggest fans of their stuff, but the sign said 99¢. What could they sell for so little?

It turns out… a lot! In the picture above, here’s what we bought:

  • 4 Hurricane Glasses
  • 6 Cordial Glasses
  • 6 Coffee Spoons
  • 8 Dessert Forks
  • 8 Soup Spoons
  • 6 Iced Tea Spoons
  • 1 Olive Boat
  • 8 Juice Glasses
  • 8 Water Glasses
  • 4 Martini Glasses
  • 12 Wine Glasses
  • 15 Glass Votives

Sound like a lot of stuff?  It is! (don’t ask us where we plan to keep it all).  Price tag?  $83.00.  Insane.  Cheap!  I’ve never seen decent quality flatware for under a dollar per.

The clerk told us the sale would last until inventory was gone, this is all surplus.  I highly recommend you run, don’t walk, to the store and clean house.  In addition to flatware and stemware, they also have ceramics, and other goodies for under $5.

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