In celebration of this gorgeous summer weather, we met up with Justin and Sophia for lunch in Hudson River Park. We picked up some lunch at Deb’s Catering Deb’s Catering, which had received a great review from Eric Asimov in the New York Times, calling it “The hottest lunch in New York”. I’ve long stopped reading the New York Times reviews, and I’m I’m not going to start now, because the four of us were not impressed.

First off,service was weird.  It was close to 1pm and they didn’t have much ready. Sandwiches (not made to order) were just coming in. We couldn’t do much customizing. We asked for provolone on a Philly Cheese Steak and when we got to the park, it was American, and otherwise, very average.

Philly Cheesesteak

They asked if we wanted french fries. We said yes, and then they said oops, no one turned on the fryer, how about home fries. Ok. We can usually be pretty agreeable since we eat everything and when I’m trying a place for the first time, I’m willing to try anything they think is good. Well, the potatoes were fine but not notable.

home fries

The roast beef sandwich was under-seasoned, but Lon liked the foccacia roll. I didn’t like the tasteless mozzarella used in Sophia’s sandwich, but the pesto was very fresh.

roast beef sandwich mozzarella sandwich

I scooped up a variety of salads at $9.95 per pound. They were all fresh and tasty, but way too expensive at that price.


Overall, nothing was bad and the ingredients were fresh, similar to any other “gourmet” sandwich and salads shop, but “hottest lunch in New York” is a far stretch. Be carfeful when you throw around words like that Eric. People (me) will stop believing you.

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