This frozen yogurt fad has some confused, with the more recent ones tasting more tangy like yogurt, while old-school frozen yogurt tasted more like ice cream. Amongst friends the votes are divided as to which they prefer, so it seems like a good idea for Daydream Daydream to offer both, Original-Creamy and Original-Icy. Lon prefers creamy but they were out of it, so he went for the Cookies and Cream, which ended up being so-so. I sampled the pomegranate which was a little too tart, so I got Original-Icy, which is good, but I still prefer the in-between tart and creamy of Flurt. (I hope that didn’t just confuse you more.)

Jess' Daydream

Where Daydream stands out is their toppings. They have these fruit dusts (Lon got strawberry, I got blackberry) that are super cool and make the yogurts really pretty. The strawberry was a lot stronger than the blackberry; and I can’t wait to try other ones. Lon also got chocolate covered pretzels that gave his cup a nice salty sweet combo.

Daydream's Fixin's Bar

Prices seem comparable to all the others but this place feels just a tad more classy. It might be the plastic spoons that look like silverware, or really, I think I’m just in love with the fruit dusts.

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