Our friend Angie just got back from Rwanda where her company is helping out with a new village/school. (Learn more and donate here.)Despite the lack of exciting cuisine there, they’re prowess as coffee producers is expanding, and we got to try some of this, still hard to get, coffee.

Virunga Coffee Beans

Angie brought us some beans from Bourbon Coffee, a Rwandan based company with plans to open up in DC. They use Bourbon Arabica beans, which has been growing wildly in Rwanda for over a century now. It was incredibly smooth, no acidity, no burnt taste. I was just commenting to Angie last night that it’s reminiscent of Kona coffee. Now reading the bag, it makes sense because the Virunga region has six volcanos and the volcanic soil is what makes Kona unique as well. These Bourbon Coffee beans are more mild so I will be using more beans per cup since I like a stronger cup, but the flavor is still wonderful and it seems, this will be more affordable than pure Kona.

Virunga-Flavor from Rwanda

We can’t wait till they open up in NY, or at least put up a website with overseas shipping.
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