Now that the weather is warming up, I plan to start hitting some of those Brooklyn places on my “list”. Yesterday we hit ChestnutChestnut for brunch with Peter and Jeff, where Brooklyn adventures get off to a slow start, partly because Pete was 30 minutes late (are you reading this Mr?), and partly because Chestnut didn’t cut it for us.

Upon arriving to our table, we saw that Lon’s chair was covered in crumbs. Two of the bread plates were dirty, and later, Jeff was served coffee with a mug that had a smudge of something on the side. Our refillable coffee was also never refilled till we were done eating (and plates were already starting to be cleared) and only because I flagged someone down for it. They were not busy either, with plenty of staff and a few empty tables.

Brunch here is served with complimentary popovers and chocolate chip scones, which were both good in a standard sort of way, nothing memorable. We thought it was a bit odd for four of us to be served only two each but I’m sure we could have asked for more.

Chocolate Chip Scones and Pop-Overs

I ordered the Buckwheat Crepe with Farro and Smoked Salmon, which was presented very nicely.

Buckwheat Crepe, Smoked Salmon & Crème Fraiche

I was surprised that the crepe was filled with such bland farro. There was a few pieces of onion in there but it otherwise tasted just like boiled farro. I felt like I was eating some sort of low sodium diet food. The salmon was standard and didn’t do enough to help the rest.

Faro Inside the Buckwheat Crepe

Lon had an average burger, which came on focaccia. Despite being thicker than I usually like, the fries were crispy. Most of them were over-seasoned though (rarely a problem), which is why they weren’t finished (also rarely a problem).
Hamburger & Fries

The side of Smoke House Bacon was over-cooked and flavor had been dried out of it.

Smokehouse Bacon

Lon and I were pretty let down. I must have read good things about this place (if it was on my “list”) but nothing tasted special. It all looked better than it tasted and with city prices (roughly $18 per person with tax and tip) it makes sense that they had empty tables on this lovely day when other places had lines going out the door.
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