To accompany an Italian-inspired dinner the other night for Sophia & Justin, I came up with a surprisingly delicious side dish — go me! I recall various interesting Italian dishes that used strong citrus flavors and the most typical seemed to be lemon and grapefruit.

Broccoli with Grapefruit 2

I didn’t write my recipe but here’s the gist. I cut broccoli florets to consistent sizes and gave them a good rinse. Then I left them in a bowl with some minced garlic and a few chopped up wedges of grapefruit. Meanwhile I squeezed about half a grapefruit worth of juice into a separate bowl.

We heated the wok to medium-high with some vegetable oil. Jessica tossed the broccoli-garlic-grapefruit mixture in and seasoned with salt and pepper. Then she added a bit of the juice at a time, enough to keep the steam rising through the broccoli to cook it.

Broccoli with Grapefruit 1

When it was done cooking, it was a perfect dish, with the sweetness and acidity balanced along with the perfect al dente broccoli. Try this out!

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