Beater Blade PlusA few weeks back I came across a product review for Beater Blade Plus by New Metro Design, on some invention news website.  The idea seemed like one that I’ve had for a while — extend the blade attachment for the KitchenAid mixer to reach the bottom and walls of the bowl.  Pretty simple.

The review said it worked, and it was only $30 on Amazon.  We use our mixer a lot and if it could help even a bit, it was worth it.

It arrived a few days later and we immediately put it to the test.  We made both a Red Velvet Cake and a Buttermilk Cake with it.  Wow, we love it!  You still need to scrape down the bowl once or so, but the batters and frostings combine much faster and much better.  And definitely less scraping required.

We just wonder why KitchenAid never thought to make this themselves!  It’s available for just about every KitchenAid model, plus Viking and DeLonghi as well.  If you use your mixer, you need this!

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