My parent’s have been renovating their house and it’s almost done. I went to check it out and do a little shopping with my mom, so it was another good opportunity to try another restaurant in Queens. Mr. Tong’s Mr. Tong’s was chosen for it’s convenient location near our Bed, Bath, & Beyond stop. The long narrow space doesn’t look like much but the staff seamed eager.

We started with nicely fried Potstickers, hot and not the slightest bit oily. The pork and veggie filling was flavorful, but the dipping sauce was bland. We asked for vinegar (the way my mom likes to eats her dumplings) and that was much better.

pot stickers

They recommended the Mini Shanghai Wontons Soup (meal size serving, not soup size). While the wontons and the bits of veggies, mini dried shrimp, and shredded egg were all great, I could swear the soup was just plain water. This soup is traditionally very light but we agreed that they took “light” a little too far.

Wonton Soup

The Vegetarian Dumplings were wonderful and steaming hot. The skins were a little doughy, just the way my mom and I like dumplings. The filling was that soft mixture of chopped veggies, egg, and vermicelli, very traditional and well seasoned.

vegetable dumplings

For $20 (including tax and tip) it’s a good price, considering we didn’t need to order that much. They have lunch specials at $5.50 and considering the lack of decor, it seems like a good place to order from if you’re in the neighborhood.
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