Do you remember two weeks ago we made Wine-Braised Beef Shanks (which, by the way, was freakin’ delicious)? And then that weekend, Jessica turned the left-overs into great Left-Over Pockets? Well, that meal had another life as well… I baked off one of FreshDirect’s delicious par-baked ciabatta rolls, and then stuffed it with the beef, sauce, some sauteed onions, and then topped it with the gremolata. Oh, and of course, there was the mayo. It was awesome.

Wine-Braised Beef Shank Sandwich

It’s kind of nice re-using wonderful dishes into new recipes. So tonight, we did it again. Yesterday, we had Lamb Pizzaiola over Grilled Polenta Cakes. The flavors of the dish made me think it would make a distinctive pizza.

Cooked Lamb Pizza Slice 1

Also, we had some Perfect Pizza flour blend from King Arthur in the pantry. We had been itching to try it out. This was just the chance.

Risen Dough

I followed the recipe on the bag and in the spot where it said “dough seasonings” I added 1/2 tbsp. of Parsley and 1/2 tbsp. of Garlic Powder. Surprisingly the dough, which includes baking powder, takes two full teaspoons of active yeast. My typical recipe (that I love) only uses the more common 1.25 teaspoon. Just as King Arthur advertises, the dough was very roll-able and baked off quite chewy. However, in part, that is because I slightly undercooked it.

Rolled Dough Uncooked Lamb Pizza

To pull the recipe together, I sauced the dough with the Pizzaiola sauce. Then I sliced up pieces of the lamb and black olives to top the sauce. I also added sauteed red onion slices, corn niblets, plenty of finely shredded Parmesano-Reggiano, and shredded Fontina cheese (an Italian cheese that brought a distinctive taste and worked as a perfect alternative to Mozzarella). I baked it in a pre-heated 475 deg F. oven for just over 10 minutes.

Cooked Lamb Pizza

The flavors worked really well! I added the corn and red onions to bring back the flavors that the polenta cake added in the original dish.

Cooked Lamb Pizza Edge 1

The black olives added a great dynamic by highlighting the olive oil flavors. Yum!

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