Lamb Chop

The other day Jessica picked up some beautiful lamb chops during her 9th Avenue Shopping trip. They were a great price at under $9 per pound. Jessica’s mom really wanted lamb and Jessica knew just how to make these gorgeous chops.

First, she cubed the remaining, uncooked Butternut Squash (unused from the Wine-Braised Beef Shank recipe) and roasted it with just a bit of butter. When it came out, lightly colored, we seasoned with some kosher salt and white pepper.

Roasting Butternut Squash

The star of the dish was the lamb! Jessica followed her very successful Porcini-Rosemary Beef Short Ribs recipe. We then simply grilled the chops for 90 seconds per side and plated them over the squash. Oh, it was so good.

Porcini-Rosemary Lamb Chops

We tried to over-cook two of the chops for Jessica’s dad. But, he doesn’t care much for lamb, especially if it’s not burnt. So he stuck mostly to the Spicy Tequila Shrimp. Next time we’ll make a special treat for him.

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