After lunch at Bali Nusa Indah, Carol gave me a tour of her favorite shopping area. I had no idea these places existed and with the current economy, you’ll consider these places a blessing.

We started at Big Apple Meat Market Big Apple Meat Market, which looks like a ghetto supermarket when you enter. Don’t be afraid. Just keep walking towards the back and hang a left into the meat room (a cold room). They sell very reasonably priced meats, like these lamb chops I got for $8.98 per pound. They’re more than double at Fresh Direct.

Lamb Chop

Just a block away, we entered Stile’s Farmer’s Market Stile’s Farmer’s Market, a tented no frills place to buy produce. I bought gorgeous red bell peppers for $1.99 per pound, lemons 5 for $1, cheap leeks, butternut squash, parsnips, and pita. It was great!

Our last stop was International Grocer International Grocer, which sells dried herbs, spices, grains, beans, and more by weight. I got organic wheat berries, kasha, and mustard powder. They have some ethnic specialties leaning towards more Greek goodies, but also basics like baking chocolate. Carol suggested I pick up the pomegranate molasses (of course I did) but the whole store is a chefs dream.

Wheatberries Kasha

Next door to International Grocer, I peaked in at the fish store and it has very good prices as well. All these great stores in one clump (Ninth Avenue between 42nd street and 40th Street) makes it totally worth traveling over there.

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