Maurizio closed and Da Andrea Da Andrea opened up in it’s place. I actually remembered going to Da Andrea, at their former West Village location, many years ago (about 7 or 8 years, I think). I couldn’t be certain ( I have a terrible memory, which is the original reason I started this blog) but I remembered that the food was good.

We met Melinda there at 6:30pm last night, where there was a 10 minute wait. I was glad to see that the restaurant was well lit and I could see all the dishes passing by. Once we ordered, food came very quickly and always piping hot! We started with these Flat Buns, baked to order, soft, puffy, and doughy. While these came out hot, right out of the oven, the Parma proscuitto came out a little too chilled. As they came to room temperature, they tasted much better. The huge platter is perfect for sharing.

Baked Flat Buns with Parma Prosciutto

It’s actually a ridiculous amount of proscuitto so it’s a good thing each table gets a basket of focaccia. The focaccia is also addictive, soft with nice holes, light herby flavor; they’ve got a great baker back there.


The mussels appetizer is also huge. The three of us were practically done with dinner after these. The tomato and garlic broth is actually better than the mussels and I had to drink it.

Steamed Mussels in Tomato and Garlic

My Home Made Papparedelle with Sweet Sausage Ragu and Truffle Oil was magnificent, even though I didn’t taste the slightest drop of truffle oil. This is kind of a safety dish, I mean how can ragu on fresh pasta be bad right? Nevertheless, I couldn’t stop eating it despite coming close to passing out from how full I was.

Pappardelle with Sweet Sausage Ragout

Melinda’s Home Made Ricotta Cavatelli with Shrimp and Salmon with Pesto was one of the biggest portions of cavatelli I’ve ever seen. I’m not a big fan of seafood with pesto but the pesto had a very fresh basil taste and Lon said the salmon was very tender.

Cavatelli with Shrimp, Salmon, in pesto

Lon’s Squid Ink Taglioni was covered with an impressive amount of tender little clams, in a nice wine sauce. He didn’t like that the pasta was coated in something that made it feel grainy, possibly garlic powder?

Squid Ink Taglioni with Clams

Overall, the portions are huge, the food is fresh and hot, service is fast and friendly, and the prices are great (about $70 for 3 people, including tax and tip). No wonder there was a pile of people waiting by the time we left. Welcome to my neighborhood! I’m so glad to have you!
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