One of the more popular photo sets in our Flickr stream continues to be a post from several years ago, one that never made it to FoodMayhem. It was called “Chocolate Cake – Two Ways”.

Chocolate Cake - Two Ways

I had made a large yellow cake, and cut it up into pieces. Some hexagonal pieces and some triangular pieces.

Close-Up On Raspberry Cake

The triangular pieces were filled with strawberry preserves between the layers, coated in chocolate, then topped with dried cranberries.

Close-Up On Snickers Cake

The hexagonal pieces were received a luscious cream cheese filling, was also coated in chocolate, and was then topped with frozen snickers. After that I drizzled more chocolate over the snickers.

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I was reminded of that culinary adventure watching Dinner: Impossible last night, when Chef Robert Irvine mentioned he was making a master sauce (a demi glace) which would then be turned into two sauces. Apparently I found a master cake, that turned into two mini pieces of heaven.

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