Melinda, an old co-worker of Lon’s , brought us an assortment of cupcakes from Billy’s Bakery Billy’s Bakery, a place their old office frequented. She obviously knows the way to our hearts.

Billy's Cupcakes

Lon remembers their cupcakes being better before, but this time we were pretty disappointed. The Banana Cupcake was so dense and gummy, with an ultra sweet frosting.


The Chocolate Cupcakes were powdery, disintegrating in your mouth, giving a dry feeling. The frosting tastes like supermarket chocolate frosting.

Chocolate with Dots

The Carrot Cupcake was too sweet for me but at least the cake was moist and Lon was able to eat it.

Carrot Cake

The Red Velvet was also moist. I did sneak a taste, even though I’m allergic to food coloring. The cream cheese frosting on this one was most acceptable for me, a little tang to cut the sweet, although I’d really like it to still be less sweet.

Red Velvet

I still haven’t found a cupcake place I really like so I’ll just have to keep on tasting.
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