Loren and I hit up Superfine Superfine in DUMBO for lunch on Friday. I love the restaurant name, but wasn’t as impressed with anything else. The food is ok, the service is mediocre, the decor is eclectic, and the prices are average.

There aren’t many restaurants to choose from under the Manhattan bridge, so it wasn’t hard choosing Superfine, or finding it, it’s just two blocks from the York Street station of the F-train. I walked into what was half-bar / half-restaurant. On the left there’s a long bar with a large liquor selection, and to the right, a red-felt pool table. In the back, an oddly decorated seating area, with what looks like second hand furniture, not unusual in the local Brooklyn restaurant scene. Think Hawaii meets Grandma’s basement.

I sat at a wobbly table for two and one waitress brought over a ragged chair with the following sign taped on:

This Chair is For Menus Only – No Sitting

funny sign

She then sat upon it a hand-written, whiteboard menu. I liked that it indicated the freshness of the menu and the fact that it probably changes. Although she pointed out that the burger and the grilled chicken are the most popular items, indicating they probably don’t vary much.


While I waited a few minutes for Loren, I noticed the small sign on the table:

about Superfine

I got excited about a really fresh meal, with great tasting ingredients.

I could’ve eaten anything off the menu. Loren opted for the waitress’ recommendation of the burger, which I believe he’s had before. I went for the Grilled Chicken.

chicken sandwich

The menu said it had pancetta, but in fact it was something more like Canadian bacon. The watercress and aioli were there however, as was a large side of Superfine Fries. They were thin shoe string, perfectly fried, but under-seasoned. I asked for some additional aioli and was informed it would be 75 cents extra, I was also informed they don’t have plain mayo (for free or otherwise). I paid the 75 cents, but felt like it was awkward to charge for it. As long as I’m nit picking about condiments, I pointed out to Loren how gelatinous the ketchup looked (can you tell in the picture?). It didn’t move at all when I shook the plate and had an incredibly smooth, glossy surface. Loren suggested that it might have been refrigerated, but it wasn’t cold at all. It tasted like normal ketchup though.

My sandwich was fine (normal grilled chicken on ciabatta), the fries were fine, and aioli was also fine. The service was remarkably slow every step of the way. It was about 10-15 minutes to get our food and almost a puzzle on how to get a check.

In the end I think their name is perfect. They are stellar, super-even at being just “fine”. If you’re in the ‘hood, try one of the other restaurants, not much to see here.

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