My mom took me to Sun Ming Jan Sun Ming Jan, a maker of many salted and dried meats. They are mostly a wholesaler but also sell their goods out of a little window in front. It’s amazing to think these salty dried meats were originally made as a form of preservation and considered poor food.

dried meats 3

These delicious pieces of meat are very salty and meant to be eaten in small amounts accompanied by steamed white buns and/or rice.

They’re kind of like jerky, but I guess the Chinese version is sweeter. We tried 4 different types (that my mom recommended) which all have similar flavors and textures but do differ enough to make them interesting. The Chinese sausages are standard. They’re always good, sweet and salty, chewy and fatty. The quail legs are my favorite, chewy but also tender and fun to eat off the bone. It’s like a meat lollipop. Some of the chicken pieces were a little too tough, but other pieces were fine. The duck was Lon and Angie’s favorite, probably the most distinct in flavor. The skin is the best part, basically duck fat candy.

dry meats on rice

All this meat, which was enough for 3 people, cost $4 and change. They definitely do not speak english there but they have signs that list the price per pound, so just point to what you want.
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