The Roasting Plant

We just happened to walk by The Roasting Plant The Roasting Plant today, and seeing a sign that said they brew by the cup, drew me right in. Remember that place I love in San Francisco, Philz? Grinding and brewing each cup to order does make a big difference. The Roasting Plant takes it a notch up on the technology side with their Roasting Plant Javabot. This thing sucks up measured amounts of raw green beans and moves it across the store to where it’s roasted, ground, and then brewed as you wait. The friendly guy behind the counter was happy to make a suggestion since there are a lot of choices, tons of organic and fair trade. I can’t remember exactly what he gave me, a mix of something from Papua New Guinea and somewhere else, but it was incredibly smooth and aromatic. (The store also smells heavenly.) I prefer something a little bolder but he told me this one was mid-way among their beans so I’m sure I can find a better fit next time. The prices are very reasonable and I only wish one of their two locations was near me.


Another plus is their spread of sugars and variety of milks (half and half, whole, skim, and soy). I hate when a coffee place only has one and it’s whole milk. Half and half is the minimum!

I can’t wait to go back and try more beans and blends. I have high hopes that I’ll find my perfect cup here.

Update 2/15/09 – I went to the West Village location The Roasting Plant today (which turns out to be closer to me than I thought) and got the Indian Monsoon one. It has good flavor but it’s too bitter for me. I’ll try another one soon.

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