Friday was a long day of sampling, our favorite activity. We did sit on the beach for a little bit but lunch started calling to us and we couldn’t wait to start knocking places off our wish list. Ordinarily, we wouldn’t come to Mexico to eat pizza but so many rave reviews for Pizza Pazza (a chain) swayed us.

After sampling the Hawaiian, a Sun-Dried Tomato and Spinach, and a Vegetable slice, we decided it’s not really worth it. The dough on the Hawaiian was quite perfect, light with nice elasticity, but the dough of the other two (which should be the same dough) just seemed a little stale. The Vegetable slice was pretty boring, but the other two were quite tasty, although slightly under-seasoned. So with good pizza in NY, this didn’t seem all that special.

pizza pazza 1

Our next stop wasn’t planned but after seeing so many gelato places, we were enticed. The Gelato Factory has one of those standard display cases and then a second circular one that rotates. The people behind the counter kept eagerly handing us samples from both sides, one after the other.

rotating gelato case tasting spoons

It seemed like they were kept at a colder temperature than normal; they were firm and a few were icy. Lon decided to have some anyway, one scoop banana and one scoop nociola (hazelnut), which were a bit too sweet for me but I did love the hazelnut bits in it. Once we started eating it, I realized why they keep it extra cold. The temperature and humidity here turns in into a puddle in seconds. For USD $3.33, it’s not a bad treat, but not memorable either.

Banana and Hazelnut

We continued walking along the main drag and spotted a street vendor selling tamales for a little more than a $1.

tamale vendor

It was pretty big, with a very tender chunk of chicken inside. The chilies were wonderful but the masa itself was not particularly notable.

tamale 2

After the tamale, we started heading back to the hotel for a short break before dinner. Dinner will be a separate post (coming soon) but, afterwards, we headed over to Ah Cacao Chocolate Bar, another popular one on the Internet. Here they recommended their Chocolate Maya, a hot chocolate with chili and orange. We both loved the consistency, which coated ours tongue lightly without sticking to them. Unfortunately, there was way too much orange which made it hard to really taste the other components. They’re also known for coffee, which was good, but I would have liked it a little stronger.

Chocolate Masa coffee

Overall, we felt a bit unsuccessful, but Saturday is a new day.
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