For Valentine’s Day, we hopped down to Chinatown to pick up some fresh seafood (we both love seafood) and for me, I like seafood as simple as possible. The Virginia oysters were shucked (shucking is harder than it looks when you’re not well practiced) and slurped up with a raspberry mignonette.

Unopened Virginia Oysters Opened Virginia Oysters
Shucked Oysters Mignonette

We’re not big drinkers so we did our “cheers” with oysters.

Oysters... Cheers!

Our Steamers were steamed with shallots and nothing else. The amazing flavor is there; you don’t need much.

Steamer Clam 2

These happened to be the meatiest steamers I’ve ever had. Each one filled the shell to the very brim.

Opened Steamer Clam

Just in case you haven’t eaten steamers before, make sure to pull away that black skin. You want to get the grey stuff that goes around the rim and then pull the skin off the neck.

Peeling a Steamer Clam Body Peeling a Steamer Clam Neck

MMM… Hope you all had a yummy V-day too!
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