We’ve been noticing Moshe’s Falafel for a while now, parked on 17th Street, just east of 5th Ave. (There’s another one in midtown.) You can’t really miss it. It’s not a cart. I think it’s a refurbished RV.

Moshe's Falafel

We just wanted to try it, so it’s nice that they sell a “half” sandwich, which actually looks like a whole though. It’s only two falafels opposed to the three in most regulars (don’t know how big their whole is). Each falafel is really big so quantity wise, it’s decent for $3.50.

Moshe's Menu

The problem is that we think the falafel is good texturally (the one on top was crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside) but taste wise, it’s too hard to tell because of how over-drenched it is with tahini and hot sauce. Everything just ends up tasting like tahini, which is now spilling all over your gloves already. That may be a good thing for the vegetables (which are frozen cause it’s too cold these days). The tomatoes are practically white and in a blind taste test, I’m not sure I could identify them. We liked that they included pickles but it would be nice if they were chopped because each piece is larger than bite size. So ehh, wouldn’t miss them if they decided to park somewhere else.

Moshe's half Moshe's half 2
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