La Cueva del Chango 2

We had our hopes set high for breakfast at La Cueva Del Chango. It came highly recommended from Caroline and Eddie, and also Grace from Grace is Full. It may very well be an awesome breakfast place, but it seems we may never know. It was an odd experience for us at the Monkey Cave. We loved the atmosphere, kind of San Francisco vibe meets the jungle. We had a friendly waiter and started with a wonderfully fresh Mango Lassi and a unique Mamey Shake.

menu cover mango lassi and mamey shake

As always, we ask for the waiter to tell us what their signature items are. We wanted all that he recommended and all was going well until he came back and told us the chefs were not making any of it. He seemed to think it was odd too so he went back and asked again. Nope, not making it, wait, he’ll ask again if they are sure. He rushed back and apologized. They were not going to make anything from the entire Chilaquiles section or the Crepes section. That’s seven dishes they just cut off the menu! There was only two dishes left among the Mexican breakfasts.


I didn’t come to eat an American breakfast in Mexico so we ordered the empanadas and Lon picked something off the lunch menu. Then the waiter told us they were offering a special that wasn’t written on the menu. I heard plantains somewhere in there so I said, sure, we’ll take it. It turned out to be a pretty regular dish, a corn tortilla, some refried beans, covered with fried eggs, sprinkled with ham and peas, and a few pieces of plantains. It was enjoyable but not memorable.

corn tortilla, beans, fried eggs, ham and peas, plantians

Lon’s dish, the Chalupitas, corn cakes topped with beans, avocado, tomatoes and cheese, tasted exactly what it looks like, simple, fresh, but not special. Lon pointed out that it seems like more like a side dish and I have to agree.


The empanadas allow a choice of three from five or six choices. The Chaya filling was really under-seasoned, think boiled collards.


Honestly, I can’t remember what the cactus one tasted like anymore.


The Epazote and Panela was just boring and a little bitter, very skimpy on filling.

epazote and cheese

The main problem was that they weren’t really empanadas, just corn tortillas folded over.


We saw a little flare with the table salsas, just not enough to help. The food was made with fresh ingredients, but was rather boring and forgettable. I do also realize that life is different down here… still, how does a restaurant cut out two whole sections of their menu, especially if they are the notable parts? (By the way, we were there at 9am so it wasn’t like they ran out.) For that reason, we have to recommend skipping this restaurant if you’re visiting in Playa. On vacation, you have limited meals, so you can’t waste it on a restaurant that doesn’t respect your time.

green sauce red sauce
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