After checking out Mega and DAC Market, we headed over to La Bamba Jarocha, another Rick Bayless recommendation.

La Bamba Jarocha

The chips are served with a nice spicy sauce.

chips spicy sauce

There were a bunch of bottles on the table, all sauces probably house-made, living in former catsup and habanero bottles. We had no idea what was in each one and our communication skills were not getting us anywhere.


We were able to choose off the menu (written in English): a simple array of ceviches, cocktails, soups, and a few others. Most dishes were offered in sizes, something like small, large, largest. We chose a small Octopus Cocktail and a small Mixed Ceviche. The cocktail is not the classic horseradish sauce you’d imagine. It’s more like a sweet and sour sauce, tangy from tamarind, garnished with onion, cilantro, and avocados. The Octopus was so fresh and tender, one of the best I’ve had in a long time.

Octopus Cocktail

The Mixed Ceviche was expertly balanced and perfectly seasoned. It was refreshing and satisfying. The shrimp was a little dry, but the rest (scallops, octopus, crab) were superb. Notice the beautiful tomatoes too!

Mixed Ceviche

These were extremely generous portions (and these are the small size) and the total was 128 pesos! That’s like USD $9. Now we’re talkin’…
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