Remember when we talked about Easy-to-Eat vs Hard-to-Eat food? Well, my brother Justin leans way on the side of preferring easy-to-eat foods. While he loves shellfish, he hates peeling and cracking. Fork to mouth without a knife is best. Naturally, we thought the perfect birthday present would be a dinner of easy-to-eat foods. We started with pears and pita wedges with a Winter Feta Dip, because dips just seem to be a poster child for easy-to-eat foods.

Splayed Pears

Our second course was Clams Oreganata, an easy one bite dish. Of course, we had to put the work in ahead of time shucking the clams.

Prepping Clams

This also happens to be a dish that I know Justin likes.

Clams Oreganata

Justin’s girlfriend, Sophia, is a vegetarian, so we made a Zucchini Oreganata as well. The same bread crumb mixture is used, sprinkled on the 1/8″ slices of zucchini, with a drizzle of olive oil, and broiled. The same cherry tomato slices are thrown on and the result is fantastic! I’m definitely making this again as a vegetable side.
Zucchini Oreganata

The third course was Salmon Crudo with Chili Oil and Hawaiian Black Sea Salt. Everyone seemed to love it. I made Sophia a Fig and Brie Panini (no pic).

Salmon Crudo with Chili Oil 1

The fourth course was a Mussel and Slow Roasted Tomato Bruschetta. We lightly steamed the Prince Edward Island Mussels first to remove them from their shells. The idea is to make them a one handed eating experience. You have to under-cook a bit so that they can heat on the brushetta. We made Sophia a few without the mussels.
Mussles & Roasted Tomato Bruschetta

The fifth course was Shelled Chestnuts in Butter. It took me a really long time to shell these.
Brown Butter Chestnut

The sixth course was the Tiger Prawns on a Stick we just posted about.
Fried and Plated

We ended with Green Lantern (his favorite super hero) Cupcakes. Happy Birthday Justin!
Green Lantern Birthday Cupcake
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