As we’re getting ready to head out for a week, we’re trying to empty our fridge. So when I wanted a snack last night, Jessica asked me to try to use what was in the fridge and what might go bad. We had left over breadcrumb mixture from some oreganata we made, we had fresh mozzarella, hot dogs, an egg yolk, and one potato left.

What would you make? I made a Hot Dog Hushpuppy.

Oozing Cheese Hushpuppy 2

Basically, I boiled the potato (diced), then mashed it with a touch of butter and salt. I pressed the mashed potato into a log shape and made a ditch shape in the middle. I sliced a hot dog open and lade slices of mozzarella down the center and put that into the potato. I then worked the shape into a smooth log.

Hot Dog Hushpuppy

I whisked the egg yolk with some cold water and rolled the burgeoning hushpuppy in it, gently to hold the shape. Then I rolled that in the breadcrumb mixture. I placed it on a baking sheet and misted the outside with vegetable oil and baked it at 400 for about 20 minutes.

It was delish! Jessica split it with me and we enjoyed our late snack.

Oozing Cheese Hushpuppy 1
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