We wanted to a change for breakfast today so we hopped around the corner to Hot Baking Company. Lon started with a Orange Strawberry Mango Smoothie with Yogurt, that tasted mostly of orange juice. I had a cappuccino that was really weak. So far, all of my coffees and cappuccinos here have been surprisingly weak.

Orange Strawberry Mango with Yogurt and Cappuccino

Our waiter recommended omelettes and sandwiches so we got one of each. I chose a Three Cheese Sandwich, made of Panela, Oaxaca, and Gouda. The cheeses here are extremely mild. Neither of us could taste what was supposed to be Gouda. It also came with avocado (not mentioned on the menu) so I had to pick it out. Yet, the sandwich was still very enjoyable, the bread being very fresh and me just loving cheese. Neither of us liked the cold potato salad on the side.

3 cheese sandwich

Lon chose an omelette with ground beef, red beans, and cheese. The eggs were nice and fluffy and the beef and beans were in a flavorful sauce. It came with refried black beans and the same good toast used on my sandwich.

Bean and Cheese Omelet 2

The breakfast was very filling and reasonably priced at 175 pesos (around USD $ 12.28). It’s a safe bet for some standard freshly made food. You won’t be wowed, but you will be satisfied.
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