Scone Crumbs

Before we get to the two new versions I made today, let’s talk about the ones from yesterday again (read part 1 first). Well, they simply don’t taste great the next day. The Blueberry Vanilla Sugar one (made with milk) holds up a bit better, still soft and moist, although just not as fresh tasting. The Chocolate Chip Scones (made with buttermilk) dry out more, the flavor becomes a bit stale, and the outside gets something like a skin, a little plastic-like. I didn’t bother trying the Cream Scones again because I didn’t like them enough yesterday.

Today, I used this recipe, Grandma Johnson’s Scones, and made one version with sour cream and one with yogurt (Trader Joe’s Greek-style yogurt). The yogurt version needed to be baked longer and puffed up more. The texture is the same inside and out, which is ok on the inside but doesn’t give you that crumbly outside I like. The biggest problem is that the flavor is very flat, tasting of just flour and sugar.

yogurt version (2)

The sour cream version is pretty good, but bakes up a little flatter. The outside is a bit more crumbly, with a few more bumps, which I like. The subtle flavor adds a lot. Although not perfect, I’d happily eat these again.

sour cream version (2)

We’ll see how these taste tomorrow. BTW, I’m ok with a recipe that only tastes good day of (some things are just that way), but the ones they make at Our Daily Bread are good for at least 2 days, so it would be nice to get a longer lasting recipe.

OK, gotta go figure out what to test tomorrow…

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