As a reminder, FoodMayhem is all about… food! However, photos of food are a critical part of our site, so we have been trying to improve our photography. Jessica’s cousin Steve is a wonderful photographer and has provided some interesting guidance, that we’ll share with the world.

We were considering various diffusers and Steve suggested that:

For starters, just go to a fruit stand and get one of the meshy foam things that they wrap the fancy fruits in, like the apple pears. You should be able to get better results just by using that on top of your flash pointed up.

Well we did just that. And while there are crazier diffusers, this one is pretty funny — but really works!

Fruit Flash Diffuser

The following shows the results of various configurations. All of these were shot at 1/80; f/7.1; ISO 200.

Fruit Diffuser Forward Fruit Diffuser Forward
Fruit Diffuser Up Fruit Diffuser Up
Speedlite / No Diffuser Forward Speedlite / No Diffuser Forward
Speedlite / No Diffuser Up Speedlite / No Diffuser Up
Built-In Flash Built-In Flash

I definitely think the Fruit Diffuser Up configuration is the most natural. The image is bright and there are no hard specular points on the plastic.

In addition to the fruit diffuser looking great, it is using a free product that is from food! What do you think?

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