After eating breakfast and checking e-mails in the morning, we spontaneously decided to head out to Long Island City and check out some condos. We put apartment hunting on hold for some time now, but we decided it would be fun to see an area we know little about, do some information gathering.

The brokers told us about the new supermarket, The Food Cellar Food Cellar & Co. Market, the only one in the area, which looks a little like Whole Foods, a little like Amish Market, and a little like a supermarket in the suburbs. Of course we wanted to check it out, and conveniently, it was lunch time!

On the grocery side, it’s pretty expensive, even by Manhattan standards, so I wouldn’t shop their regularly, but I guess you have no choice if you live in the area. On the flip side, the prepared foods look really good. Lon and I both got amazing sandwiches for lunch and they were very well priced (mine was $6.98 and Lon’s was $7.98).

pizza oven

At the pizza station, I saw the pizza guy making a sandwich for another customer. The bread looked so good. They call it oven bread and the guy told me to get one from the bread department and he’d make me any sandwich I wanted.

oven bread

I chose prosciutto, mozzarella, caramelized onions, and he suggested some arugula. He then carefully heated it so that the mozzarella was melted but the prosciutto was only lightly heated, which maintains that fabulous prosciutto texture.

prosciutto mozzarella onion sandwich

Lon followed and chose a focaccia bread with tomato and cheese on top.


He stuffed his sandwich with olive tapenade, spicy Italian sausage, tons of roasted garlic, fresh mozzarella, and olive oil.

sausage tapenade mozzarella sandwich

Both of us were impressed by the thought our sandwich artist put into structuring the sandwiches and cooking them, so that the super fresh ingredients were evenly cooked, and the cheese was gooey. The bread had a wonderful chewiness and we couldn’t hold back, we at them entirely. We could’ve been full half way (they were big), but that’s not our style.

This is definitely a good reason to consider LIC.

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