Shrimp Taco Cart

Massages are pretty inexpensive here in Playa Del Carmen, about USD $59 for two people (1 hour each). But the even bigger benefit was chatting with the hostess, who spoke English pretty well. As we waited for our massages, we had a few minutes to find out where the locals eat. After some thought, she seemed hesitant to tell us. She kept saying, “I don’t know if you’ll like it but… there are these shrimp tacos…” Well we found those shrimp tacos on Calle Juarez just off of 5th Avenue. A line of taco carts line up and serve breakfast to (mostly) locals who are working in the area. At first, I thought it was odd that people ate tacos for breakfast but these were lighter than the kind we had eaten for dinner.

There are several carts, but we found the one she recommended selling shrimp tacos, just as she described, with a little rice. We couldn’t resist trying everything on the cart as well. They have a chili relleno (cheese stuffed pepper) taco with nicely pickled red onion. Another taco featured scrambled eggs with an interesting herb or vegetable. We weren’t quite sure what it was, kind of seaweed like.

chili rellenos stuffed pepper and scrambled eggs tacos

They also had fish tacos, which included a pretty large piece of breaded fish.

fish tacos

But the best, were indeed, the shrimp tacos. The shrimp were cooked perfectly, also breaded, and quite tasty. We only wished that they were hot instead of room temperature.

shrimp tacos

For 45 pesos (around USD $3.16), we were pretty satisfied and happy to experience real local food. We finished off with some fruit from another cart near by.

fruit cart

It was better than the fruit at our hotel, but still not quite as good as I expected fruit here to be. For 15 pesos (just over USD $1) though, it’s still a steal.

fruit cup

We would definitely recommend visiting the line of carts on Calle Juarez. It’s also conveniently located where a line of taxis wait (it’s near the bus station) so you can eat breakfast and be on your way. (We headed to Xcaret – more about the eco theme park coming soon!)
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