Last night, I headed over to Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill, embedded in the Six Columbus hotel, for a casual celebration of Winnie’s Birthday. We started with a nice fatty cut of thinly sliced Kanpachi sashimi dabbed with yuzu and Japanese pepper.

Amberjack Sashimi

As with the Kanpachi, our waitress also recommended an appetizer they call Dynamite, a shell layered with creamy mushrooms and sea scallops, covered in a generous amount of smelt roe. It’s rich without being heavy.

The Oxtail Fried Rice is presented with marrow pieces neatly folded in the egg sheet and you are instructed to break it up and mix into the rice. While I enjoyed this dish (despite it being a bit too salty), I thought the marrow was a waste here, where the other flavors easily mask the subtle taste of marrow.

Oxtail Fried Rice

We continued eating family-style for the entrees, starting with a sashimi plate and a Spicy Scallop and Smelt Roe Roll. We were still hungry and added the Honoo Platter, a mix of spicy rolls and pieces. The sushi here is fresh but flavorless and the rice is extra sticky and too heavily seasoned. The wasabi is spicy but flavorless as well.

Sashimi and Scallop Roll Honoo Spicy Set

The Blue Ribbon Style Fried Chicken is fried nicely, no greasiness at all, but the flavor is uninteresting. The wasabi honey sauce is a nice idea and helps the under-seasoned chicken, but doesn’t transform it.

Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken

The four of us were pretty stuffed by the end, so at around $45 per person, it’s decent for this kind of restaurant (moderately trendy). But like the food that is almost good, the wait staff is attentive but seems insincere. We were asked repeatedly how we were or if everything was good, by at least 3 staff members, but it was in a way like, “everything good? good” and they’re gone…so as we’re barely a fleeting memory of theirs, I will likely forget this restaurant by tomorrow.
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