We wanted to watch Carnival in Cozumel, so we staked out a spot on a second floor bar. We can’t remember the name now, but it’s right across from the ferry. We knew it would be touristy so we didn’t expect much. The choice was for the viewing point, not the food.

We got there around 4PM and ordered some drinks. My pina colada was concentrated with fresh coconut but there was also some bitter aftertaste, while being extremely sweet. It tasted like Sweet ‘n Low to me, but I don’t see why they would put that in a drink. Lon ordered a non-alcoholic frozen mango, which was better, just juicy and sweet.

Mango and Pina Colada

A little later, we ordered some bar food. The fish tacos were better than we had hoped for. Unexpectedly, they were deep fried with a crisp outside and piping hot tender fish inside. The pico de gallo and guacamole were average but fine.
fish tacos

The nachos were also pretty good, just simple, crisp chips with a bean sauce and melted cheese.


Lon ordered another drink, a strawberry peach blend, which was too sweet, but again, it was all really to see carnival, which by the way, we barely got to see by the time we had to make our 8pm ferry back. It cost us 310 pesos (about USD $21.75) which was alright, but we didn’t really like Cozumel and probably won’t go back.

strawberry peach
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