After making fresh fettuccine the other night, from the No-Knead Pasta Dough, we made another batch, in the shape of linguine. After the two nights, we had some left-overs of both shapes. I decided to combine them in one of my favorite pasta sauces: White Clam Sauce.

Pasta with White Clam Sauce 2

I didn’t bother writing an exact recipe, but here’s the gist:

  1. Over low heat, saute two medium yellow onions, diced, in extra virgin olive oil, with some kosher salt, until very soft.
  2. Add crushed red pepper flakes, lots of minced garlic, fresh ground black pepper, and some diced dry sausage (I used Boar’s Head Abruzzese). Saute until garlic is softened.
  3. Increase the heat and add the liquid from two cans of Clams (I used Snow’s Chopped Clams, my favorite brand for packaged clams). Reduce liquid by at least 25%.
  4. Add two tablespoons unsalted butter, the chopped clams, and a handful of chopped, fresh parsley. Toss with cooked pasta and some fresh lemon juice, until pasta is heated through. Season with more fresh ground pepper (I used tellicherry), just before serving.
Pasta with White Clam Sauce 1

Ideally, there should be plenty of sauce in the plate. Serve with toasted, soft rolls to sop up the extra sauce. Yum! This is a winner and it’s pretty healthy. If you want to make it slightly healthier, just leave out the dry sausage and only use one tablespoon of butter.

Pasta with White Clam Sauce 3
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