My friend Sara loves Soba-ya Soba-ya. She recommends going for lunch for the giant lunch box and soba (or udon) special, which is a lot of food for $17. It includes nicely fried shrimp and vegetable tempura, bland vegetables and chicken, inari, nice sweet tamago, a thick piece of fatty broiled salmon (yum!), over-dressed green salad, cucumber salad, an earthy seaweed and lotus root salad, and a choice of soba or udon (hot or cold).

lunch box

Sara had hot soba, which you can watch a guy make.
making soba

Lon doesn’t like soba so he chose hot udon. He liked the noodles but thought the broth was boring.


I decided to go with their daily lunch special ($15 and different each day of the week), which was Fried Tofu on Hot Soba yesterday. The description said thick starch soup but it was the same soy broth Lon had, which I agree is boring. Some may enjoy that it’s very low in fat, resulting in a light feel, but that also means it cools too fast and that’s the part that really bugs me. I loved the thick pieces of very fresh tofu though.
fried tofu hot soba (2)

Mine also came with inari, kabocha, Japanese sweet potato, and root salad.
Fried Tofu Hot Soba

Sara and Lon’s lunch box also comes with this milky jello with strawberry on top. It’s the best part of the meal.

milk and strawberry dessert

The big lunch box is a good value but generally we found the food somewhat lackluster. No major complaints, but not memorable either.
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