For Angie’s birthday, I wanted to make something special, something a little more complex and work intensive. Note to self: I am out of practice with the fancy cakes.

Scarlett Empress 1

The Scarlet Empress, from The Cake Bible (by Rose Levy Beranbaum), was tougher than I thought it would be. The gist is that you make a tight jelly roll (and circular bottom with same cake), slice it up and line a bowl with it. Make a Vanilla Bavarian (my friend Zoe brought me fresh vanilla bean from Madagascar!) and fill the cake/bowl with it, place circular bottom on top, cover and chill. When it sets, you un-mold it upside down and ta-da!

Scarlett Empress 2

The problem is, I didn’t end up with enough jelly roll to reach the bottom so I had to pipe a border (piping whipped cream). Again, totally out of practice with the piping too! Still, the concept is pretty cool and I really like the way it looks sliced. I’ll work on perfecting this recipe, and maybe do a variation on flavors next time.
Scarlett Empress Slice

Happy Birthday Angie!

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