We love watching Cook’s Illustrated’s show America’s Test Kitchen. Their tips are almost always dead-on accurate and their recipes are simple and work. That’s why when I reproduced their recent recipe for French Chicken in a Pot, I was disappointed that it resulted in an over-cooked chicken. Following their cooking time by weight, it suggested checking the chicken at 80 minutes, at which point the bird was way over-done. There was plenty of fond and juice to make a jus, but the bird itself was dry. We ate it anyway, but weren’t happy. This was the first time I had over-cooked a chicken in years, usually I undercook 🙂

Baby Chinese Broccoli

Anyway, their technique for jus works wonderfully. We also added two other aspects to the recipe. First, after separating the fat and chicken juices, we poured some of the chicken fat into Baby Chinese Broccoli along with garlic to make a veggie side. We also took the garlic pieces from the pot and mashed them into the jus, yum! Finally, after removing the rosemary and bay leaves from the pot, we added some pre-cooked cous cous, and sauteed it in the remaining fond and veggies and had a wonderful carb. Actually, the cous cous was the best part of the meal!

Chicken in a pot and cous cous

So, in the end, the flavors are great, and there are lots of ideas for what you can do with this meal, but be careful with your chicken if you follow the recipe.

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