After trying Pho in Los Angeles years ago, I kind of stopped eating it here in New York. I was just disappointed in the quality of the broth here, which seemed like a watered down version in comparison.

When Sarah and Tim suggested trying Pho So 1 Pho So 1, I was up for the challenge but didn’t expect too much. The cellar floor restaurant looks like a pretty standard Vietnamese restaurant but the service is especially friendly and happy. The menu is laminated and full of colorful pictures, which really does help.

To my great surprise, the Pho was really good. (Sarah, Tim, and I, all got the version with everything: rib eye, flank, meatballs, tendons, and tripe.) The broth was full of flavor and comfort, seasoned perfectly, and it was one huge a** bowl. None of us were capable of finishing it.


I tossed in the bean sprouts and a squeeze of lime juice, and felt the glimmer of hope growing as I sipped. Could it be? I could resume eating pho once again?
sprouts. herbs, and limes

Lon ordered the Beef Stew which comes with warm bread. It’s similar to Chinese beef stews, another great comforting dish for winter, but served with warm bread.

Beef Stew

Lon also ordered the Fried Spring Rolls over Vermicelli, which was good too, but I feel like the spring rolls are always good, the safety food at a Vietnamese place.

spring roll on vermicelli

I wanted to try something different too so I added a plate of Pork in Rice Noodles. The circular sliced pieces of meat did nothing for the dish. The rest is kind of similar to Chinese rice noodles but more soft, without that bounce, so it kind of missed the mark.

minced pork and rice noodle

Tim also got the Shrimp and Lettuce Rolls, which looked pretty, but I didn’t try it because I always find these really boring and Lon said this one was no different, just cold shrimp and lettuce.

summer roll

All this food (remember there was 3 mega bowls of pho) was $41 and the pho is probably the best in NY (like I said, I haven’t had it in a long while) so I will be back this winter. They seem to have a huge menu so I’m curious about trying other stuff too.
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