After dinner at Zenon Taverna, we were physically full, but not mentally full. Dessert could be the perfect remedy. Sarah, who used to live in Astoria, nominated Omonia Cafe Omonia Cafe, the perfect location since it was right by the train station.

There’s a bakery case on one side displaying all the beautiful desserts, where they sell stuff to-go, and a large seating area on the other side, bigger than most Manhattan restaurants. It’s pretty dim, with lights (that change colors), which gives a half lounge half club feel, in a cheesy way. The selection is immense, covering cakes, pastries, crepes, and Greek specialties, and we wanted to dabble in all of it.

I had my eye on the Mousse Cake just because it looked so good and I could see the chunks of strawberry in it. It turned out not to be what you’d expect of mousse cake. The “mousse” was like densely pressed whipped cream, only a hint of chocolate flavor, with the strawberry chunks. It was quite good, especially because it was only mildly sweet.

Mousse Cake

The Tiramisu (Lon’s favorite) was also good but not the classic version. We couldn’t detect any mascarpone and the espresso flavor was light as well. The liquid it was sitting in was too sweet but the rest was just right.


The Berry Blue Crepe was so good yet disappointing at the same time. The flavor combination of nutella, blueberries, banana, and a cherry syrup was amazing. The tart, the sweet, the light, the rich, all combined. But, the crepe itself was tough and hard to cut through, becoming chewy. This picture does not show how big it was, probably about 12″ long and pretty thick.
Berry Blue Crepe

We had to try some Greek specialties and why not choose the one with the hardest name to pronounce. Galactoboureko sounds more like it came from outer space. I’m not the biggest fan though. Most of it tasted like starchy pastry cream.


The Ekmek Kataifi was better texturally but a bit too sweet. It’s kind of like syrup soaked shredded wheat covered in whipped cream and sliced almonds. I think Greek desserts tend to be sweet though.

Ekmek Kataifi

We also got the little cream puff with honey and almonds. The cream inside was a little starchy as well and probably flavored with almond extract. My Latte was average.


Everything seemed very fresh. The portions are huge at good prices (most things around $5 or $6, except for the giant crepe at $9). It may seem like I had some complaints (which is true) but the overall experience was better than average and I would go back.
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