Sometimes childhood favorites stand up to the memories. As you know from the Gingerbread Train Station, Jessica grew up in Forest Hills and had been telling me about Nick’s Pizza Nick’s Pizza for years. We chose an odd day to go, but it worked out very well.

Nick's Pizza

On Christmas Eve, my mom drove in to pick up Ice (our dog) and we got together at Nick’s for some dinner. Amazingly they were open. Fortunately, it was the one time they were not packed. It seems every time we pass by, there is a line.

We started with a salad. It was fine, nothing special, and the dressing was overpoweringly sweet. We were happy to have requested it on the side. In the future we’ll skip the salad there.

Nick’s, named after owner Nick Angelis, seems to use a fairly standard pizza oven (curved front, instead of rectangular), no brick, or wood, or coal seemed to be around. The result was perfect thin crust pizza. The dough was thin, but not a cracker. It was chewy without being rubbery. A good contrast is Numero 28, where we often eat in Manhattan. The two taste so different, so it’s nice to have more than one favorite place.

The sauce was fresh tasting with lots of oregano and some basil. The tomatoes’ natural sweetness was vibrant without overpowering. And the mozzarella was milky and rich. Our one complaint was that there wasn’t enough cheese.

half plain half sausage

We ordered half of the pizza with sausage. It was one of the best sausage we’d ever had. It was crumbled instead of sliced and it had ground fennel instead of whole seeds. The fennel flavor permeated much more evenly and was nicer than traditional Italian sausage.

The price at Nick’s was good and the service was fast. We were lucky to not wait on line and all enjoyed each bite of the pizza. If you find yourself in Forest Hills, make sure to stop by Nick’s and have a bite.

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