Florida Fruit Names

Remember last month when Olivia brought us a coconut? She also brought us two other fruits that she had bought in Florida. She told us to let them sit on the counter until they softened completely, then eat them. The darker one was supposed to be a potential replacement for chocolate, although when she tasted it, she said it tasted nothing like chocolate.

So the yellow one is called Canistel (note the farm stand spelled it wrong), a.k.a. the “Egg Fruit”. The green one is Black Sapote, a Persimmon relative. When they arrived they were both taut and shiney.

So, we left the two fruit out on a plate and watched them closely. We regularly poked and prodded them and waited for them to soften.

Florida Fruits 3

First, the bright green faded to dull green, almost like an avocado. But it was still pretty tough feeling.

Black Sapote

So, we waited longer. Eventually, the shape started to change and the sides collapsed inwards.

Black Sapote

Today, we figured it was time to open them up. I sliced open the Black Sapote first. It was really quite nasty looking. I’d describe it as a pile of poop. However, that didn’t stop us. We dug in with spoons. Jessica put a teeny bit on a spoon and licked it. I had a bigger scoop, which I ran to the sink and spit out. It tasted like fermented fig pudding. We considered that maybe it sat out TOO long and spoiled.

Black Sapote

We split open the Canistel. It was much prettier inside, particularly the seed which looked like a beautiful mahogany nut. However, we spotted some blue in the top area. It turns out this one was spoiling, it seems we waited too long.

Nevertheless, we tasted the bottom part. The consistency was much nicer than the Black Sapote. It tasted to me almost like a butternut squash soup that had cooled. However, it had clearly gone bad.


We threw the rest out. 🙁

We are so curious whether they taste good when they’re not spoiled. How long were we supposed to wait? Has anyone else tried them?

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