You might remember that we brought back several bottles of olive oil from our honeymoon and we promised to report on each one.

Here’s the last one, Gaea Kalamata D.O.P. Olive Oil. It comes in a cool cylindrical tube that makes it easy to pack. Coincidentally, my mom brought us the same bottle of oil back from Greece when she went in September. It’s good but not as good some of the other ones (will mention later).

Gaea Kalamata

My mom also brought us two tins of olive oil called Knossos. Leave it to my mom to always go for practicality. She thought these were just easier to bring back and held a lot more olive oil. (We had been complianing about how quickly was used up our own stash.) Unfortunately, this one was pretty average, similar in quality to any decent one you can buy here. I’ll be using it for cooking.

So, if you find yourself in Greece, search desperately for Kolimvari olive oil. That was our favorite by far. Our second favorite was the Ta Mylelia olive oil and that one is available on-line.
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