My grandmother is just about the most awesome 92 year old around. I can say that because (a) she is really awesome; and (b) not that many people live to their 90s, let alone stay so active. So to celebrate her 92nd year of awesomeness, Jessica and I made her a Rose cake (since her name is Rose). Actually, Jessica made the cake and then I snuck in at the last second to just help decorate.

White Velvet Cakes Trimming Cake

Jessica assembled one of the most delicious cakes I’ve had in a long time. It’s called a White Velvet cake and the recipe is from The Cake Bible. The filling and frosting are Raspberry Butter Cream and taste exceptional.

Mixing Raspberry Butter Cream Raspberry Butter Cream

After frosting the cake, she added a light hash pattern.

Beautifully Iced Cake

We bought some marzipan from the baking supply store, along with some high quality food coloring. We are anti-food coloring, however, there is no getting around using it for some baking, without jumping through lots of hoops. So we limit it to just minor decorating, that can easily be avoided while eating.

Colored Marzipan

I rolled some of the marzipan with a few drops of the “Super Red” and thoroughly mixed it to get a nice even, bright red. I rolled a smaller knob of the marzipan with a few drops of the “Forest Green” and mixed it enough to get a good marbled effect. I wanted the leaves to look variegated.

Spooning Petals

To create leaves I rolled the red into a log and sliced it into eight pieces. Then I laid a folded kitchen towel on the cutting board, then I put some plastic wrap, a piece of the marzipan, and then more plastic wrap. I pressed and rubbed the marzipan through the plastic wrap with the back of a spoon until I got a great petal shape.

Pressed Red Marzipan Petals

I rolled one of the petals tightly to form the center of the rose bud. Then I wrapped petal by petal around the center. Finally, I pinched and twisted the bottom of the bud to pull the petals in. I used a knife to smooth the petals and pull them open a bit.

Wrapping Rose Petals

The same process was used to make two leaves and a smaller rose bud. We sat them in the frosting.

Decorated Roses

We rolled some of the left over green marzipan into a very thin column shape. Then formed a good size ‘R’ on the cake (for “rose”).

Fully Decorated Cake

Everyone seemed to enjoy the cake. Sabrina and Justin both seemed to really enjoy the marzipan. And I loved the cake, I cleaned up lots of leftovers.

Remaining Cake

If you get a chance to play with some marzipan, you should! It’s like Play-doh!

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