I’m not the biggest fan of meringue but I couldn’t resist making this cake because it looked so pretty in Nick Malgieri’s book, Perfect Cakes. I can’t post the recipe (don’t want to violate any copyrights) but you can make something similar by following the concept.

First, make lemon curd. I prefer doing it the night before. Then make two 9″ cakes, white or yellow. This one was an egg white only, white cake.

cake layers

Let it cool completely before slicing in half across, making each cake into two layers.
cake layer

Layer cake, curd, cake, curd, cake, curd, cake.

lemon curd layer third layer

Make meringue and cover the cake with it.

meringue covered

Bake it to brown lightly.

meringue baked

It’s actually pretty simple considering how impressive it looks.

slice of lemon meringue cake
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