My mom took us to try Guang Zhou Restaurant Guang Zhou Restaurant, a pretty new place, for their Dim Sum. Most notable is their translucent dumpling skins. No matter which one we tried, we marveled over how perfectly bouncy yet delicate they were, certainly the best we’ve ever had. The Crystal Shrimp dumplings were just a tad salty but still good.

shrimp dumplings

The Chinese Chive Dumplings and the Watercress Dumplings were actually so full of shrimp and not enough veggies. I know some might prefer that but if you want shrimp, get the shrimp ones. I wanted the flavor of the veggies for the veggie ones. Still, they were superb because of the skins.

Chinese Chive dumpling watercress dumpling

My mom had eaten at Guang Zhou with friends and wanted me to try the Taro and Pork Dumpling, since it’s unique to this restaurant. We didn’t see it as the carts circled so we requested it and the staff was very accommodating (rare for a Chinese restaurant). They went to ask the kitchen to make whichever ones you wanted. It came out nice and hot, and it was so interesting. Unlike most dumplings, the filling is not stuck together like a meatball. The perfect cubes of taro, pieces of pork, and finely chopped celery leaves were loose, like a stir fry dish inside dumpling skins. The use of cinnamon is also pretty unusual and with the fabulous skins, it ended with mixed reviews at our table.

Taro and Pork Dumpling Taro and Pork Dumpling 2

On to non-dumplings…my mom and Lon always get the Fish Balls. They were fresh, hot, and fluffy, with a really nice white pepper.

fish ball

Guang Zhou also seems to make their own hot sauce, which is nice, a lot smokier with real chili flavor.
hot sauce

When we saw Durian Pastry, we wanted to try it. (Lon really likes durian and I have never tried it.) Unfortunately, the filling was more like sweet potato with a mild odor, not really showcasing durian flavor. The pastry was good though.

Durian Pastry

The Curry Beef Pastries had the same flaky pastry, made very pretty, but the filling was mediocre.

Curry Beef Pastry

Lon thought the roast pork buns were chinsy on the filling but I actually really liked them. They were delicate and less filling than usual, better for dim sum, since you will be eating so much other stuff. The filling was also tastier and less sugary than usual.

roast pork buns inside roast pork bun

Unfortunately, the Shrimp in Rice Noodle (my favorite dish) was just average.

shrimp in Rice Noodle

The Steamed Daikon Cake, a variation on the common Pan-Fried Turnip Cake, is SO SO good. It’s lighter, fluffier, and delicate. It makes me think of that Top Chef challenge to make junk food elegant.

Steamed Daikon Cake

Pork Ribs is a classic Dim Sum dish that is always too oily (literally sits in a pool of oil) but these had pieces of pumpkin in it. I didn’t like eating the pieces of pumpkin but it added a nice subtle sweetness to the meat.

pork ribs and pumpkin

At regular dim sum prices, this was a great meal and I can’t wait to go back and try more dishes. Not only were dishes fresh and hot, there were unique items to try, and even presentation seems a step up. Gather some friends and go enjoy!
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