We hope you enjoyed the goodies we got at Sur La Table…our next stop was Williams-Sonoma (thanks to Nick!)

I had a tube pan once upon a time, but through moving a couple of times, I seem to have lost it.

tube pan

An oil mister has been on our shopping list for a while. Now we can spray the oil of our choice.

oil spray

These spatulas were on sale for $2.49 and you can always use an extra one.

Lon’s been using our rolling pin as a tenderizer and it’s not the greatest way to do it. He spotted this tenderizer that is reversible, with a flat side and a spikey side, and a nice weight.
meat tenderizer

Pie weights are not necessary. You can just use dry beans but hey this is a gift, it doesn’t have to be a necessity.

pie weights

I love kitchen torches. Even though Lon and I are not big creme brulee or meringue fans, you might see some more, just because it’s so fun!

kitchen torch

Let’s give another Yay for kitchen toys!
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