We had held off using some of our wedding gift certificates because we thought we might move, but now that there’s no telling what stores will close in this economy, we decided to whip them out and have a ball! First stop Sur La Table (thanks to Loren and Kim!)

We already have measuring cups, spoons, and all, but you can never have enough. While your baking up a storm, it sucks to have to stop and wash dishes, so we needed some more. That mini measure that looks like a shot glass is great because it has markings for 1-6 teaspoons, up to 2 tablespoons in 1/2 increments, and ounce and milliliter options.

measuring cups

We needed an extra wide spatula for easy flipping of bigger pieces and apparently Mario Batali has a line of kitchen stuff out. We decided to give it a shot. Our first peeve, which is more related to the store, is that I’ve tried scrubbing multiple times, and I still can’t get the sticky film off from the price/bar code sticker. Agh!
wide spatula

I’m so excited about this silicone oven mit. The ones we have are all too big for my teeny hands. This one must have been made with me in mind. =)
oven mit

A pastry cutter/pastry blender really isn’t necessary. I bake a lot and have gone without one for years. I’ll tell you my lazy a** reason for getting one though. When I take butter out to soften, I usually cut a stick into 8 or more pieces, allowing the butter to soften faster. I just figured this would make the cutting faster for me.
pastry cutter

Yay kitchen for toys!
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