Doughnut Plant

A few nights ago, my brother brought over 10 doughnuts from Doughnut Plant Doughnut Plant. Good heavens! They were so good. Between the 5 of us, we all had different favorites, but I could really eat any and all of them. To be picky (yes, I have to be) the one complaint I have is that the pistachio one tastes more like almond extract. Lon loved the Creme Brulee doughnut, with a pastry cream center and lightly crunchy sugar coating.

Doughnut Plant 3

Their jelly doughnut is so freakin’ cool, a square shaped doughnut with an even channel of jelly filling throughout. No more giant blob in the center. They do the same for the coconut cream doughnut, which had a great natural taste.
Doughnut Plant 2

All of us favor yeast doughnuts in general and these had the most amazing texture. The freshness, chewy yet airy and fluffy, yum! The ginger doughnut stood out for my dad and Justin really liked the jelly one and vanilla one. Although we don’t often like cake doughnuts. these were the best we’ve ever had, super moist and packed with real flavor. My mom’s favorite was the chocolate ( I think called blackout) with the crumb topping.
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