After dinner at Pho So 1 we wanted dessert and ended up at Cocoa Bar Cocoa Bar. Right after reading the menu and looking around, we considered leaving. The prices were way up there, seeing chocolate covered marshmallows (1-2 bites worth) for $4+ and smaller chocolates for $2-$3 each. Since it was New Year’s Day, we weren’t sure if we’d find something else and stayed. What a mistake!

Sarah and I had Spicy Hot Chocolates, which had just the right amount of spiciness, not-too-sweet, made with reasonably good ingredients. They were $4 each which is reasonable, I guess.

spicy hot chocolate

The rest was a train wreck. First off, the place ran out of 2 of the only 4 cake choices. Tim resorted to the Flourless Chocolate Truffle Cake, but the server brought out the other cake (a Praline Cake). That was corrected, but the cake was ultra dense and just didn’t seem fresh. Lon joked that it was a chocolate hockey puck.

flourless chocolate cake

Lon asked for the Gelato Brownie dessert and they were out of that too! The server offered to make it with a different brownie so Lon asked if it would still have the chocolate jalapeno gelato and white chocolate drizzled on top (as described in the menu) and the server seemed so confused. After we cleared that up, the dessert came, and it sucked. Although the spicy hot chocolate worked, the spicy chocolate gelato did not. The brownie also seemed old and we eventually figured out that the white chocolate drizzle was the REALLY off-putting taste, perhaps spoiled?

brownie a la mode

After all that, we find out the server is actually the owner. He was a nice guy and told us about how he “almost” made it as an actor and he sells some of his son’s films in the chocolate shop as well. Wierd, but classic New York (or LA, I guess). Then he screwed up the bill in a way that further indicated he didn’t know his own menu, trying to charge us separately for the gelato for the brownie (it should’ve been included).

How places like this are around (not to mention, they have another location in Brooklyn) amazes me, confuses me, and depresses me.

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